Radio Spots

Latest Spots are on the top of the page.  Enjoy!


Seattle Mariners Authentic Holiday Baseball Announcer think Vin Scully meets Wink Martindale


14 Hands Brewery Mike is the “Cheers” Characters Muscle Guy, Hipster, awkward Guy and more.   Cheers! 


Adidas NC State Basketball “Wolfpack” Dramatic and Edgy 20’s or 30’s Guy with attitude


Bartell Drugs “Duct Tape” in the style of a  science film projector Announcer


SceneIt Sports ESPN Mike is the Caller from NYC with Dan Patrick and the edgy non-announcer with energy


Safeco Insurance Morph Mike goes from teenager to retired man in one take somewhere in the middle you can hear a little John Krasinski before John Krasinski did voiceover


Seattle SuperSonics Opposing Players Old School 1950’s Style Announcer (Bring Back the Sonics!)


Amazing Grace Trailer Heart Warming Movie Trailer Style


Anchor Bank – Ding!  Classic Wing-tip wearing Host


Bell South – Al’s Plumbing Mike was honored to be cast with the late great Don Lafontaine as the no-nonsense non-announcer voice at the end


Alaska Airlines Caffeine a very Caffeinated Mike


Alaska Airlines Challenge Seating Aggressive and Bold with Attitude almost Monster Truck-ish


Alaska Airlines Virtual 1st Class a bit of a spoof on the infomercial style


Boatman’s Bank Master Mike’s Gung Ho goofy Dad along side the legendary Thom Sharp 


Click Networks Mike is the big East Coast guy on the line with the less-than-perfect customer service


Sempra Pool Party Banned sound design was so good it was banned from LA Radio.  Mike is conversational with wryness


Ugg’s Nordstrom Big, Bright, & Happy 


Volkswagen Cafe if a voice could still be recorded in Black & White


Volkswagen Mr. Pickles more on the theme of “Rod Serling” but with a wink


Woodland Park Zoo Aussie nod to the great Croc Hunter Steve Irwin


Magnolia Hi-Fi DJ Horsey Horse Mike as a horse that raps a must listen 


Radio U TFK Concert Edgy and Gritty Radio Image Voice


Homestreet Bank Mike is “Dave” a regular guy just cleaning up trash on the freeway


McDonalds CupCarol Radio Friendly and upbeat 20’s something guy


Lombardi’s Garlic Festival Radio Mike plays a quirky critic with a refined palette


Top Foods Disclaimer Guy Classic fun with legal disclaimer Guy